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I need to write a function that reads words from a text file and

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    I need to write a function that reads words from a text file and writes the words to an output tex file while removing all duplicate words.

    void remove_dup(string filename)

    vector <string> a;
    string word;
    ifstream infile(filename.c_str());
    infile >> word;

    I'm stuck.

    Should I use if statement?

    if( a.at(i) == a.at(i) )
    a.erase(i,i); ?

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    Dealing with text is always a complicated task in programming especially for beginners. How are the words formatted in the text file? Are they separated by a delimiter of sorts (e.g. comma, semi-colon, etc)? Or is it one word per line?

    So you need to make sure that you are indeed getting your words into the vector.

    A straight-forward algorithm would be, using my own rough pseudo-code:

    Code (Text):

    WhileNot (EndofFile)
      TempWord = GetNextWordFromTextFile()
      ForEach (Word in Vector)
        If TempWord == Word[x] in Vector
          DuplicateWordTest = true

      If (DuplicateWordTest = false)
    Now you will have an array that is free from any duplicates.
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    Instead of a vector you should use a Hashtable, or dictionary, this will give better performance because for each word you don't have to check every previous word. For example, in C#:
    Code (Text):

    string[] words = text.Split(new char[]{ " "});
    Dictionary<string, bool> index = new Dictionary<string, bool>(words.Length);

    foreach(string word in words){
        if(index.ContainsKey(word)) Console.Write(" " + word);
        else index[word] = true;
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