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I really need a resource to explain the linear potential well to me

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    So I am trying to learn this. It is not making sense to me. Every single resource I have found tells me I need to make some weird substitution, and then it becomes a differential equation that has the Airy equation as a solution, and then skips to finding the energy eigenvalues as a function of the roots of the Airy equation.

    Everything is skipping steps and I honestly can't see what is going on. Does anyone know of a video that explains this? Or a resource that shows EVERY step. I'm pulling my hair out over this one. My textbook kindly gave me a picture of the solutions, with not mention at all on how to solve it. Youtube seems to be devoid of videos. It seems crazy to me that no one has made a video on like the first potential we ever learn about in physics...
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    How can you expect us to help when you don't actually tell us what you're asking about? What exactly is it that's confusing you?
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