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I teleported myself!

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    :bugeye: :bugeye: :bugeye:

    OMG, I teleported myself to Proxima Centauri today and saw that there's a planet around Beta Centauri. So I went to the planet, and it was habitable, like totally Earth-like dudes and dudettes. I went down and saw the natives --- they were odd-legged scaly creatures. Some were like floating gas balloons, others ran very fast. The air and gravity of this planet are thinner and weaker than on earth. There were some dinosaur like creatures...they ran fast with giant leaping gaits. And the flora was amazing. Fern like plants as far as the eye could see, each at least 30 meters tall. There were only a few flying creatures, and they mostly made darting arrow-like flights, presumably because of the low-density atmosphere. The atmosphere is breathable however, and the environment is non-toxic to humans. The planet appears to be 40% water and 60% land mass. One day equals 1.2 of our days, and a year takes 400 earth-days to complete. Anyways, it was AWESOME there. The beach was really cool, and some kind-of intelligent life forms appeared to be checking out the opposite gender there. They were like snorting and eyeing some members of their species with wider chests and blue markings on the belly, who appeared to be sunning themselves. I assumed those were the females. I became interested, and observed their "culture". It appears they have a basic language, consisting of ultrasonic chirps. They have two big ear-holes on their forehead, and the chirps are emitted from a vibrating patch of scale-free skin between the two holes. They have six limbs, two upon which they ambulate in a very unusual manner: the limbs almost rotate in complete circles, and the creatures dash around the ground like racecars, more than 50 km/h I would say. For small speeds, they crawl on the lower four limbs. The upper two limbs are used exclusively for tool and object manipulation. They appear to be exclusively carnivores, hunting in organized packs with sharpened spears. The females lay tiny eggs a couple hours after mating. I did not see any eggs hatch in my brief stay and cannot say how long the incubation period is. Curiously, their nests are inside the seabed, where the warm water current provides incubation. They have penned off the nesting area with a crude net to keep out predators. Then I teleported myself back to earth. The trip was awesome!!! :surprised
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    they sound way freaky, man!

    when you say "trip" you mean "acid trip" right???

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    no ive never done drugs ever
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    Damn, beaten to it!:rofl:
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    Perhaps you should.:biggrin:
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    Sounds like an amazing trip. I envy you, but I don't do teleportation. I've seen The Fly too many times. Still, you're lucky to have seen all those strange lifeforms.
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    Salvia Divinorum.
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    Carpe diem.
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    right on dude
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    I have made another trip to the very edges of my forums. Will post details after I recollect them from my notebooks.
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    See, and I didn't think teleportation was even possible. Warping reality that much while keeping everything within the "bubble" intact perfectly sounds impossible. There's also a matter of aim, of course. So, what's your secret?
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    The one on the left was Danger's mom.
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    Danger- I wouldvé replied "it's okay, he's canadian" but that wouldn't really work now, would it? :P
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    Olaf Stapledon made it there and back, and had time to write about it, before the depression-era PFers were born.
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