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I think I'm making this problem way too complicated than it really is.

  1. Aug 23, 2006 #1
    Assuming that 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water at an average depth of 2.1 mi, estimate the mass of the water on the Earth in kilograms.

    What I originally did for this problem was find the total surface area of the earth to be 1.97e8 mi^2 and multiplied by 0.71 to get the water's surface area to be 1.40e8mi^2. Then I multiplied that to 2.1 mi to get volume and found mass using D= m/V and converting to kg. The answer I got was 1.22e15 kg and it's wrong. (This is done on a computer program). I'm not sure if my math is wrong or if I'm making it alot more complicated than it really is.

    Any help would be appreciated
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    Looks like the correct approach to me. What did you use to get the surface area of the earth? You are mixing units in your explanation of your work -- did you use the correct conversion factors? Maybe post a more complete listing of your work, and we can see if anything pops out at us.

    EDIT -- not really "mixing" units...I misspoke. Maybe it's an error in the mass/Volume part?
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    You seem to have the correct approach, but perhaps you made an arithmetic or unit conversion error. I get this:

    Surface area of Earth: 5.1 × 1014 m2
    Volume of oceans: 1.2 × 1018 m3
    Mass of oceans: 1.2 × 1021 kilograms

    - Warren
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    After looking at all replies I checked my math again and got what chroot got, 1.2x10^21 kg thanks for the help, at least I know that I understand the problem. :smile:
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