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I want to resolve to the degree of saturation of a salt solution

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    I want to measure salt brines. I can measure specific gravity and degrees Fahrenheit. I need a formula that I can insert the two measured values into and get the degree of saturation of my brine. I can't find a formula. I'm not sure a formula exists, but I can't understand why not. There are charts to adjust SG for temperature, and Hydrometers scaled with degree of saturation, called by various names like Brinometer, salometer, salinometer and such, but I don't have one of those. My hydrometer just measures specific gravity and is calibrated at 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Can you help me? Am I even posting in the right place?
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    Thanks for the reply, and I'll take my question to chemistry and see what happens there.
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    Generally speaking there are no other formulae than best fits to experimental data. Check if you can locate "Densities of aqueous solutions of inorganic substances" by Söhnel and Novotný, published by Elsevier in 1985. Hopefully that's the book I am thinking about, my notes are not clear :frown: and I am not going to drive 15 miles just to check my Uni library (even if I know where the book stands). Honestly, I am sure they have formulae for densities vs temp, not sure if they have formulae for solubility.
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