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I watched king arthur!

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    Hi all.
    I watched king arthur and i find it to be a good movie. Anyone has anything to comment on the movie? I especially liked the battle scenes. It's unlike Troy(where most of the time you have 2 contingent of men just charging forward and then clashing and killing). 1 thing i don't quite understand. Is the story as depicted in the movie the true reflection of part of the legend?
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    I like the part where they build this rather large Trojan horse, only it's a rabbit, and they carefully manoeuvre it beside the French castle, and then go off into the bushes and wait. The French soldiers then open the castle doors, furtively come out, and wheel the Trojan rabbit into the castle. After a while, King Arthur wonders what's going to happen next, and so Sir Bedevere answers, "Well, now, uh, Launcelot, Galahad and I, uh, wait until nightfall, and then leap out of the rabbit, taking the French, uh, by surprise. Not only by surprise, but totally unarmed!" King Arthur asks, "Who leaps out?" Sir Bedevere, pointing to each knight as he names him, replies, "Uh... Launcelot, Galahad, and I.... uh, leap out of the rabbit, uh, and, uh...." At which point King Arthur groans, and Sir Bedevere finally gets it, but can't help from trying to retrieve the situation with this idea: "Oh... um, look, if we built this large wooden Badger...." And then King Arthur wallops Sir Bedevere on the head.
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    To me it seemed very cut-down, like I was only seeing half the movie. I'd like to see the director's cut, or whatever they call the longer DVD version.
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    LOL, Monty Python and the Holy Grail anticipated Troy (2004) and King Arthur (2004) by 20 years! Those guys are geniuses!
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