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I went ghost hunting.

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    I recently got to go ghost hunting.

    I was staying with a friend I know through the Army one night and got to go on a ghost hunt.

    I was unable to get into my hotel on post so my friend offered to let me stay at his house over the weekend while we were in training. He had a guest room so I was able to have my own room. After a uneventful night we were riding to work together and he asked me if I had seen anything unusual during the night. I told him that I hadn't seen anything at all. He then told me why he thinks that his house is haunted.

    I will try to recount the incidents as he described them. I think for ease of reading I will refer to my friend as Jim.

    1. One morning Jim and his brother were alone in the house. My friend was in the living room and his brother was in the kitchen. After a few moments Jim said he heard his brother talking to someone in the kitchen. When asked who he was speaking to, his brother said "Susan, I just saw her in the hallway." (Susan was a friend who would be expected to visit the house.) Jim said that no one else was in the house. They argued that she must be in the house because his brother saw her clear as day. When they looked in the back rooms there was no one there. His brother said she had black hair and was in a white dress.

    2. At one point Jim's sister, who was staying at the house, said that she kept thinking she saw someone out of the corner of her eye wearing white. Jim said he didn't think anything of it at the time and later thought perhaps his brother and her were messing with him.

    3. Jim and his Fiancée were sitting on the couch watching TV and his Fiancée said that a girl was standing outside the window staring at them. Jim said that he didn't see anything, but his fiancée persisted that she was standing right outside the window. (The living room is separated from a converted garage by French doors. So she was looking about fifty feet through two sets of windows. Jim's fiancée said that she was still standing outside the window even though she had obviously spotted her and could not understand why Jim was acting like he couldn't see her and doing something about her. He eventually went outside and still didn't see anything. She said that the girl had black hair and was in a white top.

    4. Now for the kicker... Jim was alone in the house. It was after midnight. He had just gone to bed after a night of playing video games. In bed with the lights off he thought he heard the shuffling sound a person might make when walking around the bed on the carpet. Thinking that family/friends might have come into the house and then his room not wanting to wake him up, he turns on the light. He doesn't see anybody and walks to the other end of the house and satisfied that there is nobody there started back to his room.

    As he is walking back he steps on a wet spot on the floor. He looks and there are wet footprints from his bathroom into his room in a circle around the bed. The footprints were much smaller than his feet (He has pretty big feet). He also said that they were more than wet. They were like someone had poured water into the carpet in each footstep. It was soaked through the carpet at each step. He said that he had been the only person in the house that day and he was incredibly freaked out. He spent the night in his car.

    Jim proceeded to call a priest (Southern Baptist Preacher) and was met with little if any sympathy. From what Jim said the preacher thought they were playing a joke on him and was rather rude even though he did pray over the house as he was asked to do. Should have called a Catholic I guess.

    Some friends came over the second night I was there and they are really into "Ghost Hunting" TV shows and we then had a ghost hunt in the house. I participated and found it all very entertaining. After several hours of searching the house using recorders and cameras in the dark we found pretty much nothing. I slept that night without any occurrences. I am skeptical of course, but the story is very intriguing. Jim is not one to believe in the supernatural. He is a pretty avid atheist. (Had a license plat the said "IAMAGOD" which the state had to confiscate due to complaints.) All the witnesses really didn't have any opportunity to conspire, but if they did surely they would have revealed the joke by now. Especially after he brought in the Southern Baptist Preacher.

    I know there really isn't much to Debunk, but I thought it was an interesting story.
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    Such a house would fire me up, trying to find rational explanations for all the weird stuff!
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    I had a blast trying to explain all the weird stuff that he described. My only conclusion was that his friends and family had to be messing with him. I didn't say this out loud being as friends and family were present, but if they were responsible they should receive awards for acting, or take up professional poker.

    I just don't think they would let it go on that long. There really is nothing more I can do from where I am, but I just thought this was really neat story. This is the first time I've ever heard a relatively normal, stable person talk about encounters with something like this.
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