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I would like to create a lifepo4 battery-bag that is failproof.

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    I have a wish to create a bag that is intended for carrying a lithium battery that I can use as replacement for a regular lead car battery. Main reason I want to do this is to get something that is less of a pain to move around. For example power my minnkota electric boat motor, or be used as starthelp when the cold killed my regular car battery.

    Ofcourse it is no problem to just put some batteries in a bag and have the cells charged separately, but I would like a complete unit that can be handeled like a lead battery.

    If I could reach anything I was hoping for, the battery should be able to handle charging from a generator in a car or boat if decided to put there. Also be protected from deepdischarging by some circuit. Allow charging with a regular lead battery charger. So basically the circuit of the batteryunit would shield the lithium battery from abuse it wouldnt handle.

    What technical solutions am I looking at to accomplish something like this? Possible?

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    First, NOTHING is fail-proof.

    Next, have you priced the technology? At the minimum, you're talking about hundreds of dollars.
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    Thanks for the input. Let me put it like this.

    Failproof enough to be used by the average joe with no special knowledge about lithium battery treatment.

    Yes it is several hundereds of dollars. I know how much cells are, what I don't know is the cost of a solution capable of what I am thinking. Hoping to get an idea by understanding what actually is required in terms of electronics. Sadly I am no electronics engineer myself.
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    Why not use a 12 V Gel battery? They come in different sizes and aren't nearly as difficult to work with as a lithium battery.
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    Because they still are heavy, and doesnt offer the same energy density. I want something that is light to carry. Around 10kg, and still have enough energy to be compareable to a smaller car battery.
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