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Ice vs. Teflon : coefficent of friction

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    I knew ice was slippery, but looking at a table of coefficents of friction today it seems that ice on ice yields a lower μs value than even teflon on teflon.

    Is that really true? If so, does ice have much of an application as a lubricant or anti friction surface outside of skating rinks?

    I was wondering.......
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    Ice is slippery when lubricated with water. Pressure is one way to produce it, the other one is temperature.
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    Application areas: Skis, snowboards, skates, bobsled, luge, iceboats, avalanches, snowblowers, icebreaker hulls, river-bridge foundations, roofing, automotive exterior finishes, etc all concern interfaces to (and within) ice and snow. Traditional Inuit dogsleds use a smooth coating of ice on the runners to reduce drag over both ice and snow.
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