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Ideal Windsheld Cleaner + Simple Green Ratio

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    We are wondering if there is an ideal ratio of simple green + glass cleaner to get the bugs off & keep it streak-free. Thought there might be a chemist with the ideal ratio. We will experiment and let you know what happens.
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    If I understand you correctly you want to mix two different cleaning mixtures - results are typically unpredictable, as there are plenty of possible interactions between different components.
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    I use a product called "Rain X", a water repellent, to coat my windshield. It's repellent property not only makes it unnecessary for me to use the windshield wiper when I go faster than 50mph (regardless of rainfall), but the coating seems to make it easier to remove any insects, tree sap, etc. Clearly, the terms "seems" is not scientific and I'm at least 29 persons fewer than any legitimate study, but that's what works for me.
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    Not good generally to mix different cleaning formulations. Consult your local cleaning-products formulation chemist. My best guess is use some formulation which has no dissolved salts, such as, do not include any silicates, nor phosphates in the cleaner. There are window/glass cleaners specifically intended form the cars' automatic window cleaning system. Glass and window cleaners will usually have some combination of solvents and might or might not include ammonia. The solvents are usually some combination of water, ethanol, isopropanol, butyl cellosolve or some other such glycol-ether, and maybe a small amount (very small) of a detergent. I do not specifically know the typical formulation of the stuff that is meant for the cars' window cleaning system - check the label.

    You might use a very dilute solution of Simple Green to clean your windows by hand, but I would not suggest or know about how advisable it would be to put into the car window cleaning system.
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