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If you saturated the air with salt, it becomes dielectric?

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    say you vaporized salt and threw it in the air. Would that be enough to turn that volume of air dielectric or would the minute pockets of fresh air in among the salt molecules still block low-med voltage
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    Hrmm. Are you thinking that the salt causes the air to be less of an insulator, or did you actually mean a dielectric?
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    I mean, with enough salt in the air, could you pass the voltage of a 9v battery through the air... so i guess im asking if this would, in effect, turn a pocket of air into a conductor, and in the extreme case, a dielectric
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    A dielectric is an insulator usually used in a capacitor.

    I think you are asking if you can increase the permittivity of the air by throwing vaporized salt in the air?
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