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Illinois Institute of Technology Undergrad Physics Program questions

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    Hey, I was wondering if any one on this forum has gone to Illinois Tech for Physics, or has visited there. How's the physics program there?
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    Graduate or undergraduate?

    IIT has a relatively small physics program, but it is well-adjusted in terms of not just training the students to be physicists, but also to be professionals who go into other fields upon graduation, such as law, journalism, medicine, etc. So while they still have the traditional path for a student wanting to pursue a career in physics, there's also the option of acquiring other skill to branch out.

    Because of its small size, you're not just a number there. So the professors tend to know you after a few semesters, unless you're a total recluse. And the proximity to Argonne and Fermilab (many faculty members do their research work at those labs) means that you might have a chance to get involved in some undergrad research projects.

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    It would be undergrad, and thanks for the information.
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