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I'm curious about radiation effect from high speed cpu

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    We're in the age of the high speed computation. Personal computer clock speed is on the order of GHz and scientist looks for a way to raise the speed up to THz class.

    I've read this from newspaper and got some question. I've learned in class that radiation effect becomes severe as electrical frequency becomes higher and higher on the conductor. Although I have no calculation of how much energy is lost to radiation, I guess this kind of loss is observable and maybe huge. Maybe industry already faces this side effect.

    How is this effect controlled or minimized? Engineers should consider this effect..
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    Lowering voltages reduces the effect.
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    Don't believe everything you read. You get a greatly larger dose of radiation every time you go outdoors in sunshine.

    Never forget that energy is conserved. To produce a "huge" amount of radiation energy, you need to put a "huge" amount of electric power in.
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    Various government agencies regulate the permissible EMI (which is the radiation you speak of) from electrical/electronic devices. Is is required to minimize interference to RF receiving devices nearby.

    Every designer of commercial products must consider spurious emissions (Electromagnetic interference or EMI) and get product certification that they meet standards.
    (It's a royal pain, BTW)

    Emissions are reduced by proper grounding, shielding, filtering (edge rate control) and use of transmission lines (controlled impedance traces) in PCB's.

    In the US, the emissions are controlled by FCC Part 15. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Title_47_CFR_Part_15

    I think wifi, cell phones, emit more than typical computers.
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    I think the main problem is not the loss of energy, which is very small, but problems caused to radio communication users (mobile phone, Wi-Fi, TV, PMR etc). They do not like their noise floor being raised by something that is not intended to radiate. Radio spectrum is now a commodity with high value. In a similar way to the FCC, Europe also has regulations in place under the EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.
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    If you are concerned about the danger to humans caused by low level non-ionizing radiation, it has been studied extensively.

    Most studies show no harm from the radiation, but there is a correlation with the equipment. Most of this seems to be due to lifestyle choices. (Couch potatohood)
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