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I'm doing horrible at my physics class Want some lecturing

  1. Jan 22, 2012 #1
    I know is very stupid to say this now, but I have no other places to turn to. My parents won't be happy about this, and me either, but from the bottom of my heart I believe this might be better off for me. I have been wasting my time on stuff that I shouldn't be messing with when I was supposedly studying or to do my homework. I now am very behind on the lessons and there isn't much i can do about it because this is almost the end of the first semester//

    I don't what to do other than dropping out of my physics class. I'm at high school and this is my senior year. Physics is really fun and I have learned so much from the class. My physics teacher is amazing, he's a wonderful teacher. I can't imagine what he would think if I tell him about this.. I really don't want to hurt his feeling. He is a wonderful teacher and I just happen to be an awful student and human being. I really don't know what to do now... Saying thinsg like this makes me to remind myself how a failure I am. I lost hope on myself and I doubt I can make it through.

    I want to be a bit more positive on myself, but it's just so shameful when I look upon the mirror of me trying to grid through the text book from the day before the test. I have two options right now. I can either drop out of the class and focus on my calculus and other things, or I should just continue and give my self another chance. I can understand and do better at pure math classes. But on physics class I always have a tougher time to solve problems. For my calculus class I sill have a higher chance to wrap it up decently, and I actually doing fine on it. I'm way too behind on my physics class... I really feel like stuck and difficult breathing in this situation. If I abandon physics class then I will only have calculus to worry about. I can focus better if I only have one science class at the time. I still have to do my studying right now just to make my report card looks a bit better....

    What you guys think i should do? I've already punished myself for playing way too much games. I locked up my computer in the basement. Sharing this makes me feel so much better right now. I will not make the same mistake again. (im using my ipod to write this tread)
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  3. Jan 22, 2012 #2
    I know I really had it coming.. But I feel better for sharing it... Thank you for listening to my silly regret
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    There's no nice way to say this but if you want to do well at any higher education (assuming you want to go on to university) you're going to have to stop being lazy.

    Now highschool physics is not hard, you could learn it in a few days if you knew calculus to some extent.
    I have no idea how much time you have left but a good week or two of solid work should get you up to scratch.

    For starters, kahnacademy has good videos on highschool physics and calculus.
    I'm guessing that highschool physics is mostly just applying newtons second law or conservation of energy/momentum. Those are not hard things to learn as long as you put a little effort into it. Yet again, kahnacademy is a good starting point.

    After you've done that, the next thing on your mind should be getting out of lazy habits and getting yourself a good study schedule. During summer holidays and the likes you shouldn't be going for more than a few days without picking up a textbook. You should spent some of that time preparing yourself for future classes or even just learning for the sake of learning.
  5. Jan 22, 2012 #4
    Thank you so much for the advice. I will began my work right away. I take it that you think I should stay on my physics class and so be it. I have a test tomorrow and I will try to grid as much as possible. Really, thank you for replying.
  6. Jan 22, 2012 #5
    yes, physics is the master of all sciences!
    although I'm a bit biased as I love physics :biggrin:
  7. Jan 22, 2012 #6
    I'm feeling very down rightnow.. My motivation is.. forced
  8. Jan 22, 2012 #7
    gotta fake it till you make it I guess

    I've been in the depression rut before, it's a vicious cycle
    The best I could advise is to take up running and if possible imporve your diet (less fizzy drinks, more fish a green leafy veg)
    Don't underestimate the strength of running, it's good at improving your mood if yous tick with it
  9. Jan 22, 2012 #8
    If your teacher is so awesome, go up to him and explain to him that you f'd up and you would like to try and catch up. I'm guessing that the workload you'll experience in trying to catch up would be roughly similar to the workload seen in an average college class. High school physics is not hard. Go into it with that attitude and do your best, but seriously, try and repair the damage until all hope is truly gone.
  10. Jan 22, 2012 #9
    I'm not super familiar with the american high school system so my advice could not be very practical. But I'm gonna give it anyways. I'd suggest dropping out of physics and repick it up in college. High school physics is not real physics anyways..
    I know you are very frustrated right now, but after two years if you look back, you would find what you are going through now is nothing. But as genericusrnme said, you gotta make a change at some point. Success does not just fall into your laps.
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    I second this. Go talk to the instructor.

    Also, you really must learn that you can't start studying the day before the test. You have to change that.
  12. Jan 22, 2012 #11
    Guys.. Thank you to all of you for leaving advice. I will talk to the instructor and will change this bad behavior/habit. Running, I will try that. Dropping out of this class will be my last resort, I do want to get improved myself. I will let you guys know what happens tomorrow after I discuss this matter with my teacher.
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    I think it's a good sign that you can recognize there is a problem and that you're willing to fix it. Best of luck to you.
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