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Im looking for free downloadable security programs

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    basically what should i download to take mmy security + privacy from high to the next level. whatre the best programs in your oppinion?
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    Real security doesn't come from any software package per say, but from the hardware level. However these are not cheap options.

    What are you using now and what are you doing that requires high levels of security?
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    i do alot of debating and have alot of writings i dont wanna get stolen also ive got alot of programs which mask my computers location but thats not enough but yeah ill look into the hardware. by hardare u mean routers right im thinking about getting a custom one of those or something to surf the internet stealthly
    but the main thing im looking for is programs others have used that helped their files + location be more secure its for another pc actually
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    better to be safe than sorry even if its a .0001% chance imo its worth overdoing cuz itd be more anoying to reformat ur whole pc + stuff or to buy a new one or worse have to buy new stuff at ur place if its robbed.
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    Here are some links you may be interested in:

    To prevent losing files, backups are key. Create nightly local backups (external HDD or NAS). You will also want off site backups. The internet works well for this. For small files compress them and then email to yourself. In general you will want the backup process to be automated, or else you will get lazy.

    Also, your comment about a 0.0001% chance being worth it makes me think you may want to read up on cost benefit analysis.
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    For backups of documents (this isn't exactly security related), I use SpiderOak. You set up watch folders, it keeps track of the changes, and uploads your files to their servers. It uses an encrypted connection, and all your files are encrypted on their servers (The SpiderOak team can't access/read your files). You get 2GB free, and it has nice features like syncing folders between computers, and doing file rollbacks.

    To keep track of all my passwords, I use KeePass. Works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. It stores passwords in an encrypted database. You only have to memorize one passphrase to access all your passwords, so it makes it easier to use different strong passwords for every different account you may have. I use SpiderOak to sync the password database between multiple computers.

    Tor is a great anonymizing network for things like web browsing. But, it's not "secure" in some sense. While using Tor, never log in to any site, because the exit nodes can sniff your traffic, and perform man-in-the-middle attacks.

    TrueCrypt is a very good file encryption system. It even allows the use of a decoy and hidden encrypted file system in the case plausible deniability is needed.

    Browser plugins for FireFox like HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, Better Privacy, and NoScript can also help enhance privacy and security.
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    thanks u cant have too much privacy and security also when it comes to cleaning your tracks ccleaner's free just search it in google
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