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I'm looking for self-study books strictly on precalc. Trig. and Analytic Geo.

  1. Feb 23, 2009 #1
    Does anyone have any recommendations?

    Here is my plan:

    My text covers trigonometry, but not analytic geometry. I am interested in learning analytic geometry to increase my confidence for beginning calculus, so the quality of the analytic geometry book is the higher priority. I also suspect I might have some trouble following the my original textbook while learning trigonometry, so I definitely would not mind a trigonometry supplement.

    And one more thing, does anyone know of a Schaum's "3000 solved problems" equivalent? I found a Princeton "Plethora of Calculus problems" book and I was just wondering if anyone else knows of anymore companies that produce books that contain strictly solved problems (specifically precalculus trig and analytic geo.)
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    Go to your school/city library and borrow all the books on this subject :!!). You will have few thousand problems to solve.
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    Gelfand's Trigonometry and Methods of Coordinates would be the obvious choices.
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    Hmmm, I suppose. BTW, does anyone here ever do the same problems over again?

    I'll check these out when I get home from school today.
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