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I’m Looking To Become an Online Tutor

  1. Sep 14, 2007 #1
    Hi friends,
    I’m a university graduate. I am working in a Company and would like to tutor students online in my spare time in math and science. Can you recommend any sites where I could register to be an online tutor for students worldwide? Thanks in advance!
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    Hi fo, you can help students from all over the world in our homework help section, it's voluntary, you would not be paid. Other than that, you can do an online search and easily find sites that offer tutoring that you can contact.
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    Rather than doing it online have you considered 1 to 1 private tuition in your area? There are agencies all over the place for that, or its easy to do yourself.
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    It would be nice to have videos for various aspects of physics/math/university lectures to have for everyone to see for free. But none of that useless stuff and a well thought of video thats serious about teaching information; more for review actually because people should be learning from lectures provided by there institution.

    Anyone interested in creating such video's? There are some for highschool maths/physics but not for university level.
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    Actually video lectures are something I've been working on. We had Open University lectures on BBC 2 in the UK made in the seventies and they were fantastic. They recently stopped showing them and I thought it was a shame so I thought I'd make new ones. I have other projects though so I don't know when I'll get round to making any.
  7. Sep 17, 2007 #6
    I recently came across a site called https://www.mindzinger.com/MindZinger that lets tutors register to be online tutors. It has a “question and answer” format where students post questions for free and tutors answer them and get to show off how much they know. It looks pretty good to me and a good way to become an online tutor. Best of luck!
  8. Sep 27, 2007 #7
    Hi ... not sure if you know about this (sorry if im reposting or something)
    but the reason i first came to this site is because of this post... about video lectures.
    very very good stuff.


    and then there is this one.


    there's alot out there... i hope this is what your looking for.
    i go to school in new orleans and our university is financially torn up from the storm a couple of years ago... so classes are rarely offered in the correct series any more because of enrollment issues... i use the lectures from mit and berkely and caltech alot to cover material i should have had but don't (example... i took a graduate level astrophysics class and advanced mechanics without diff EQ or multi vari calculus... because they wouldn't be taught for another two years... i had to cover the math on my own at the same time. im having fun now with lagrangians and E&M even tho i just don't have the solid background i need in math... the videos and syllibii (sp?) help me ... or rather they SAVE me!)
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    Wow, I didn't realize that was such a problem at the universities in the hurricane aftermath...I realize the research labs are still recovering from lost data and materials, but didn't think the classes would still be disrupted this long afterward. I'm sure everyone in your classes is having the same issues...do you get together for independent study groups or anything to work together on these things you need to cover? How flexible are the faculty about it? For example, if I knew that students really needed a particular prerequisite to understand my lectures in a course, but that prerequisite is not being offered regularly enough for them to realistically have it, then I'd either adapt my lectures to cover more basic material, or offer an informal tutorial lecture as a supplement to office hours for anyone who needs the additional background.
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    What university in New Orleans?
  11. Sep 28, 2007 #10
    I go to the University of New Orleans.
    And please understand that I'm not speaking poorly of my school. (just in case i said anything that might lead one to think that) the physics faculty works very hard to do the best job they can at keeping things together. The biggest problem ( i wasn't too clear before) is that the advanced undergrad physics courses aren't offered as much as they used to be.... so some of us need to take them while taking the prereq.s or just without the prereqs. pretty much all of the classes beyond the intro physics are only offered every couple of years... because we just don't have enough students to justify a class.
    can't have QM with 2 students at a state school!

    the school overall has been suffering from lower enrollment... but it is getting better.
    and we've lost some of our best prof.s over the last few years in various departments.
    it's a good thing that all faculty members of our physics dept are pretty darn solid.
    (this semester im in Diff EQ, multivari calc, linear alg, adv mechanics, physics seminar, EM, and... get this... physics lab one! it's a load.)

    it's just hard for some of us to make a schedule anymore that works out well.
    and yes... the professors in the phys dept work very hard to accomodate everybody....
    a def advantage to having a smaller dept compared to some of the larger schools. everyone knows each other and gets together on a regular basis. it's like a big family.

    ever hear of tenure profs being "let go"?
    well it was a big stink here after the storm... it's a big catch 22.
    im very proud of the school tho... and especially my dept. great people and true academics.

    oh... sorry but one more thing...
    well i don't want to steal this thread so i'll leave it at this...
    i'll leave you with this last note....
    the real tragety, the worst situation down here.... public schools... like high schools. the students just aren't getting what they deserve. they didn't before the storm... but now... it's so much worse... specially for the schools in the more empoverished areas of the city. our handful of people in the physics society are working with organizations to help out with that... especially in the schools with very high drop out rates.


    ps .. there was a very interesting article that interview one of our profs that decided to leave last year (he had very good reasons) in phys today about a year ago(last sept or oct or nov). it pretty much told the real story about phys depts in our area after the storm if you're interested. i'll put a link up if i can find it. going on an EM study camping trip with my fiance now so don't have time to search for it... but it's an interesting read.
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  12. Sep 28, 2007 #11
    OH... so back to the original thread...
    heres the meat of an email that i recieved with some info

    [removed spam links- Kurdt]
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    By chance, have you looked into courses offered elsewhere in town (Tulane, Loyola, Xavier, Dillard, SUNO(?)). Admittedly, some of these places are likely to have the same problem of low post-Katrina enrollment for upper division physics courses, as well as smaller faculties. Ideally, the departments might rally together and get those courses taught for the students. (I sympathize with you... I was a faculty member at one of those places above.)
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