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I'm so stoked and I just can't hold it in anymore

  1. May 4, 2006 #1
    I get to work at LANL this summer. Finally got my offer letter today, after weeks of waiting. I am oh so very stoked right now. I'll be working on something in Stellar Evolution and/or Pulsation. Very exciting. So stoked. :biggrin:
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  3. May 4, 2006 #2
    Congratulations! Enjoy every minute of it!

    I will spend my summer time taking 4 classes :yuck: I envy you.
  4. May 4, 2006 #3
    don't forget the best part!! you'll get to drive right by where i'm moving to! i know you're excited to possibly be able to see me!
  5. May 4, 2006 #4

    If you call Flagstaff right by Phoenix then yes:tongue: . I'm still debating about doing the drive in one day or two. Part of me wants to do it one, just to say I could do it. And part of me doesn't want to spend twelve hours driving across almost the entire American Southwestern Desert. Last time I drove that much in one day was down the California coast, much nicer drive. We'll see :wink: .
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    Cool. I know LLNL, but not LANL. Can you post a link?
  7. May 4, 2006 #6
    Los Alamos National Lab.

    http://www.lanl.gov" [Broken]
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  8. May 4, 2006 #7
    You going to make the next generation nuclear bomb franz? :wink:
  9. May 4, 2006 #8

    I'll be working on models of stellar pulsation. Pulsating stars are kinda like nuclear bombs, right? Actually, the physicist who is my mentor does work in X division, but thats not the stuff I'll be working with her on.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    Congratulations Franz!!!
  11. May 4, 2006 #10


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    I am just full of envy, a job like that is not even work, ok you may work hard
    but the rewards can be so great,very best of luck to you, maybe one day i
    can say i spoke to that guy on the net. :smile:
  12. May 4, 2006 #11
    Hurray for you! Enjoy the vast, sunscorched deserts of New Mexico.
  13. May 4, 2006 #12
    Actually, I'm kinda looking forward to it. I grew up on the western edge of the Mojave desert, near Edwards AFB, so living in the desert is more normal to me than this living near the beach that I do now. Plus from what I've been told by people I know from the Santa Fe area, its a lot nicer than the Mojave.
  14. May 4, 2006 #13


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    Congratulations Franz! The Santa Fe/Los Alomos area is very nice. Bandelier National Monument is nearby - one can see old indian settlements similar to those at Mesa Verde. And there are nice forests in which to go hiking.

    http://photo.itc.nps.gov/storage/images/band/band-Thumb.00001.html [Broken]
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  15. May 4, 2006 #14


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    Sigh...more and more, I wish I had done Physics. I am so full on envy right now, but also very happy for you. :smile:
  16. May 4, 2006 #15
    Congrats Franz!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. May 4, 2006 #16


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    That is freeking awesome!!!! Congratulations!!!!!
  18. May 4, 2006 #17

    Math Is Hard

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    GO FRANZ! That is so exciting!!!!:cool: :cool: :cool:

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  19. May 4, 2006 #18
    First of all, when I first saw this, I thought it said "stroked" and I was going to say, "You go boy." :tongue2: :tongue:

    But in light of what it actually says, it still applies! Congratulations! You go boy! :rofl:
  20. May 4, 2006 #19


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    Congratulations and damn you! :smile:
  21. May 4, 2006 #20

    People always look at me funny when I say 'stoked'. I don't know why.
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