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I'm writing a b-day song

  1. Mar 24, 2005 #1
    So, i'm trying to write a song for a friend of mine whose birthday was tued the 22nd, and we'll be celebrating with some friends and family on sun the 27. I'm kinda cheap, so i thought a song would be really nice, and i could play for everyone and we'd sing along... least that's the hope. Only problem is that i'm totally stuck on lyrics, maybe i've been doing too much math lately but my vocab seems limited to, Happy Birthday Kyle, yay you're 19 and.... ya, thats it.

    So, i was hoping maybe you guys knew some words i could toss in about it being someones birthday, or something like that. I want it to be fun, and i need a catchy chorus. thanks~

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    "twisted","perverted","presumptuous","outrageous","adorable","indistinguishable","bull****","you mean nothing to us","spank" and so on and so forth...

    It needn't be something spectacular,just something to amuse the guy...:wink:

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    Spank, perverted, bull****.....
    Oh, thats wonderful, those are exactly the sorts of things i'm going to say to the guy on his birthday, in front of his family, on EASTER SUNDAY... haha... ya, thanks daniel... thats SOOO helpful :tongue2:
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    I'm atheist,remember (there was a thread on this matter,my (inexistent) religion :toungue2:)...?So who cares what u'll be singing on Easter day?As long as it's not Christmas carols,it's okay,i guess...:tongue2:I know i'm cute.


    P.S.What's wrong with "tied up","spank"...?:confused:
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