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Image Gallery Suggestion - Sort by Member

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    The new Image Gallery is nice. Would it be possible to provide mechanisms to sort by poster, or pull up all images by a given poster?

    Sometimes one might remember an image that was posted by a given member but tracking it back to a thread that's weeks or months old can be daunting, particularly if the particular forum or thread is remembered only fuzzily. It would also allow one to maintain a portfolio of handy images that can be linked to, rather than uploading the same or similar images over and over each time.
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    Good idea, I'll put it on my list!
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    How does the current search function work, by the way? It gives some reasonable results (and some odd results), even in posts where the searched expression is not used (I checked title and tags as well).
    And if you switch to another page, the searched expression is ignored.

    Edit: Oh, the most obvious thing :D.
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    Just searches the file name. Thanks for the bug report.
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