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Imaginary numbers and Imaginary Time

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    Imaginary numbers are a lot less mysterious than they sound. They are the result from trying to take the square root of a negative number. They are called “imaginary” because they don’t exist in the normal number system, normally you can’t take the square root of a negative number because the product of two negatives is always positive. Using imaginary numbers allows physicists to plot time like is was just another dimension of space.

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    Physicists don't need imaginary numbers to plot time. Each point in space has three real coordinates: (x, y, z). If you also want to indicate the time relative to some specific time, you can use a fourth, real coordinate, t: (x, y, z, t).
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    I don't think that they are mysterious at all, it's just a field defined differently from an ordinary Real number field
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    There are two very important aspects of imaginary time that are not mentioned. 1) imaginary time corresponds to equilibrium thermodynamics: if a system is held at a temperature T, one can set time= i /( k_B T ) where i is the imaginary number 2) Making this transformation converts the Schroedinger equation , which has wave solutions into a diffusion-like equation. An additional 'clue' that an imaginary time axis is relevant to real physics lies in relativistic formula for "distance" =√∆d2 - ∆t2 . If the universe is actually built on imaginary time τ ≈ i•t, then that peculiar '-' sign is there because we are [for whatever reason] using t, where squaring iτ=-t2.
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    http://www.universe-review.ca/" [Broken]
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