Imagining the 10th dimension by rob bryanton

  1. I need to ask a scientific community here if there are any sort of basis for the video and the book mentioned above in the title?

    once i got to the fifth dimension it all turned to non sense that does not relate in any way to string or M theory.

    Supposing im right about what i said above, how is he allowed to sell this book as a science book, i mean shouldnt there be any regulations on this stuff?

    I believe that he was just bored and found out an imaginative way of seeing thing, i guess he was just not creative enough like douglas adams to create a fiction series out of, so he said that it was true.

    thanks a lot

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    I agree, it is an exercise of imagination. Beyond the artistic value, the only prectical value is that it helps to remove the 3D intuition of some viewers, but normal mathematical practice gets the same goal in a safer way.
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