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Immersed in the world of computer science

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    Hi, I'm a computer science student currently working on my bachelors degree as well as an associates degree in web development. I have recently been trying to take on the C language but it's not going so well. I hope to gain a better understanding of all the programming languages as I progress. I look forward to being a part of this community. Thank you.
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    Welcome to the forum :). C can be a little tedious at times yes.
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    Yes, It has been very much so for me. I am a beginner and have been given the task of multi-threading...Yeah, I'm not so great at it. Thank you for the reply. :)
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    No worries, is it the first language you are learning? Or have you learnt higher level languages prior to this?
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    I started with Alice, and Python. This semester I got a dose of Assembly and C. I also have learned HTML and a little Java script.
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    Cool. I've always thought C would have been much harder for me if i'd started with higher level languages... Still, i'm no expert, but I can definitely appreciate higher level languages a lot more if you've started with C.

    Good luck!
  8. May 14, 2016 #7
    Thank you.
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