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Impedance and Frequency- directly or indirectly related?

  1. Oct 4, 2006 #1
    Impedance and Frequency- directly or indirectly related?

    I think it's inversely. Am I correct?
    Let Impedance =Z

    Z = p/v and v=f(lamda)

    So Z= p / (f(lamda))

    Isn't Impedance inversely proportional to frequency?
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    Yeah, I was totally confused by your initial thread:


    In general, we discourage double-posting here on the PF, but we'll let you get away with it this time if you DEFINE WHAT THE HECK YOU MEAN BY IMPEDANCE. Is it the characteristic impedance for a freely propagating EM wave, or some quantity for a physical tension wave propagating on a string or what?

    You need to be more specific in your problem statement. Please.
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