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Imperial College London - Nuclear Engineering

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    I recently saw that Imperial College London is starting to offer 3 new courses from 2010 between 3 departments:
    • Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Engineering
    • Chemical Engineering with Nuclear Engineering
    • Materials with Nuclear Engineering

    Only a few other UK unis offer an undergraduate degree specifically in NE:
    http://search.ucas.com/cgi-bin/hsrun/search/search/StateId/D_RjBw5EpyEHvleUbKtQWEzITGRDy-3n5a/HAHTpage/search.HsKeywordSuggestion.whereNext?query=469&word=NUCLEAR&single=N" [Broken]

    Looks interesting, it seems as tho this is a significant change, most probably in response to the British governments decision to back the construction of new nuclear power stations in the future.

    Are there specific undergraduate degrees in Nuclear Engineering in the US? Or is it more just individual courses as part of an engineering degree?
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    The are specific degree programs in nuclear engineering at some US universities, and in fact, there are independent departments of Nuclear Engineering at some universities where the program is sufficiently large. Due to a reduction in students interested in nuclear engineering in the 1990's and 00's, some Nuclear Engineering departments were combined with Mechanical Engineering at some schools.

    Nuclear Engineering does include/involve a number of Mechanical Engineering, e.g. thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and mechanics of materials.

    University of Manchester has a nuclear engineering doctoral program at the Dalton Nuclear Institute.
    http://www.dalton.manchester.ac.uk/postgraduate/research/nuclearengineeringdoctoratescheme/industryinformation/ [Broken]
    Personally, I think it rather silly not to have an undergraduate nuclear engineering program.
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