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The imperial system of units, imperial system or imperial units (also known as British Imperial or Exchequer Standards of 1826) is the system of units first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act 1824 and continued to be developed through a series of Weights and Measures Acts and amendments. The imperial units replaced the Winchester Standards, which were in effect from 1588 to 1825. The system came into official use across the British Empire in 1826. By the late 20th century, most nations of the former empire had officially adopted the metric system as their main system of measurement, but imperial units are still used in the United Kingdom and some other countries formerly part of the British Empire. The imperial system developed from what were first known as English units, as did the related system of United States customary units.
The modern legislation defining the imperial system of units is given in the Weights and Measures Act 1985 (as amended).

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  1. C

    How Can I Refresh My Knowledge of Physics?

    Hi, I love physics since school, but after years I forgot a lot of what I studied. I hope this forum will help refresh my memory. Also I built a web converter application to convert different measurement units and this forum can be really helpful for me to promote it and keep improving it. Thanks
  2. G

    Courses Edinburgh, Imperial, Oxford, Cambridge....?

    I just finished an undergraduate degree in Maths/Physics. I got accepted to; - Edinburgh: MSc Mathematical Physics - Imperial: MSc Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces - Oxford: MSc Mathematical and Theoretical Physics - Cambridge: MAST Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics (Part III) I am...
  3. G

    Functional Analysis exchange year at Imperial

    Hey, I would like to do an exchange year at Imperial. I would like to follow as a physicist the Functional Analysis course. However, I have not heard the best things about this peculiar course. What is the audience opinion on that?
  4. A

    Schools Applying for Imperial MSc QFFF

    I am currently considering applying for imperial college MSc quantum field and fundamental forces, and have few questions. 1. It says admission is in rolling bias, and it is already March, is it too late for the application? i.e. is all place taken by now. 2. I am currently a year three imperial...
  5. L

    Admissions PhD in United States after Imperial MSc QFFF

    Hello, I've recently been admitted to the MSc QFFF program at Imperial College London for the 2019-2020 year and am seeking advice regarding possible career paths/was wondering if anyone is in a similar situation. My end goal is to do a PhD in the United States since (for non-academic reasons)...
  6. S

    Admissions PhD in Particle Physics: Oxford or Imperial?

    Hi all, I recently got accepted to do a PhD into High Energy Physics groups at Oxford, Imperial, UCL, Cambridge and Manchester. My main interest is neutrino physics, which all of these places are offering. However, I am struggling to pick between Oxford and Imperial. I have met and discussed...
  7. enter

    Why does America still use imperial units in science?

    America is mostly leading in science, especially in astronomy, yet they still use imperial units. (I am not talking about the great people doing the science.) Everyone else is using SI and the metric system however they insist on using miles, yards, pounds, feet, etc., and continue on being a...
  8. L

    Physics What’s the Imperial College QFFF MsC like?

    I’ve recently received an offer for the QFFF MSc at Imperial College, I’m certain that I’ll be accepting the offer (when the portal updates). But there’s a few things that questions I have generally and hopefully anyone on the course or who has been on the course can help me out. In the course...
  9. R

    Schools Has anyone obtained a MSc from Imperial College?

    Hello, I have been accepted at Imperial's postgraduate course "Quantum FIelds and Fundamental Forces" full time and have received an offer. This means that I have 20 days to decide If I will attend the course or not. Has anyone graduated from this course and is willing to share his...
  10. O

    Schools Imperial College MSc in QFFF - Do I still have a chance?

    So I'm your overly ambitious first year Physics student at Imperial College. I am currently planning out possible life routes. The following is written by me in the future, hopefully (it's just easier): So I finished my Physics degree with a first (hopefully), but I have since been abroad for...
  11. A

    Math III cambridge as a bsc physics

    Hi I am a Bsc physics w/theoretical physics student at imperial college. I was wondering if anyone knew the chances of getting on the maths III masters course applying from a bsc in physics. Is it even worth applying? My grades are quite high (80% +) but I am worried the courses we have done...
  12. Robin04

    Student planning to apply for aerospace/aeronautics in the UK

    Hi, I'm planning to apply for the Aeronautical Engineering course of Imperial College London for 2017 entry, and I'm starting to realize that the next 2 years is going to be very hard for me, because it's not very easy to get an offer from Imperial. I'll have to work a lot and not just in...
  13. D

    QFFF Course at Imperial - Chances to get in....

    I am seriously considering applying for the QFFF MSc course at Imperial beginning this September and would like to know a little bit more about the course, the entry requirements and the prospects of continuing with a PhD in Theoretical Physics after completing the course. Is anyone on here...
  14. M

    Imperial QFFF vs Cambridge Part III

    Hi there, this has probably been done to death on countless other threads, but I just thought it would be better to get more personal and actual direct replies by making my own post. I plan to go on and study theoretical physics and I've been accepted into both QFFF and Part III Applied Maths...
  15. Independent

    Schools Choosing Masters Program - Imperial College vs Durham

    After getting several offers, I narrowed my choice to the following two programs: MSc in Particles, Strings and Cosmology in Centre For Particle Theory at Durham University: https://www.dur.ac.uk/cpt/graduate/lectures/ MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces at Imperial College London...
  16. K

    Schools Can Imperial College graduates go to US Grad schools?

    Hi. I am a Korean student who is currently living in San Francisco Bay Area. I will get a green card in about a year later. I was accepted to several colleges, and narrowed my choices to three: they are Imperial College London, UC San Diego, and Reed College. My current goal is going to...
  17. R

    Imperial or U of T for Aerospace Engineering Studies?

    Hi guys. I am doing my final A level exams (UK system) this May and I plan to study aerospace engineering. I am mostly interested in the astronautical side of aerospace. I would like to work later in life in the US. However I did not apply to the US for undergraduate studies. Currently my...
  18. S

    Aerospace engineering at Imperial?

    Hello, apologies if this is in the wrong section of the forums. I was wondering if anyone could tell me about the Aeronautical course at Imperial. I want to learn about space crafts as well, but imperial only offers Aeronautics, unlike US universities like caltech which have aerospace programs...
  19. H

    Schools Reputation of Imperial College London in the US

    Is ICL well recognized in the United States for it's physics? Even though it's quite highly ranked internationally, I've heard some US residents tell me they've never heard of the school. I'm in the middle of my undergrad choices right now and I'm unsure how to proceed. (International btw)
  20. X

    Imperial 2015 Application Question

    Hi all! I have been accepted by a university and have been given the second round interview question. However, I am pretty stumped as to how to answer it. Here's the question: Please answer the following question. Your answer should be handwritten on no more than three (3) sides of A4 paper...
  21. N

    Water to air heat exchange - imperial units doing my head in

    Hey guys, newbie here and first post. I've got a (hopefully) simple question, but for some reason my brain just isn't working. I'm too used to working with metric, and even though it should be fairly simple, working with imperial units just hurts. Anyway, here's the problem: I have a specific...
  22. L

    MSc in QFFF at Imperial College: Questions & Answers

    Hi guys, I've got a few questions about the (QFFF) Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces MSc at Imperial College. This is my background: - I study at Sapienza University of Rome and I just finished my 2nd year of the 3 year "laurea" (the only italian first level degree, equivalent to Bachelor's...
  23. P

    Admissions PhD Admission with an Imperial 2:1

    Hey guys, So I just finished my third year of the 4 year MSci Physics with Theoretical Physics course at Imperial College and am currently on an average score of 68%. Now I really feel like it'll go down to the wire with regards to whether I get a first or not, especially as they've now (this...
  24. C

    Converting metric to imperial (12in/1ft)^3

    Hello. I am new to engineering and to imperial units, and currently learning by doing some exercises. I'm stuck on the following conversion: 0.04 g / min x m^3 -> lbm / hr x ft^3 I figured it like this: 0.04 g / min x m^3 x (60min/1hr) x (1m/35,314)^3 x (1 lbm / 454g) = 1,49x10^-4 lbm...
  25. S

    Schools Imperial College London vs UCLA

    Hello, I am a senior at my high school and received offers from Imperial College London and UCLA for aerospace engineering. I am an international student so there is no big financial difference between them. However it is very hard to decide, can anyone who know the pros and cons of these...
  26. V

    Schools Imperial College VS ETH Zurich (MSc Physics)

    Good day everyone, I'm in a position I am very thankful to be in, the terrible position of being able to choose between two great programs. The first is the MSc in Physics at ETH Zürich , which is a 90 ECTS (European credit system) program that takes three semesters, or a year and a half...
  27. M

    Schools MSc in theoretical physics: Imperial College or Perimeter Institute?

    I'm considering both the MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces at Imperial and the Perimeter Scholars International program at Perimeter. I do not currently live in the UK or Canada (or even Europe or North America...) I want to continue to a PhD, possibly at the same place I did my...
  28. M

    Getting onto the Theoretical Physics PhD program at Imperial?

    Hello, I am in my third year of a 4 year integrated MPhys at the University of Liverpool, and I'm starting to think about applying to PhD places. Me and my girlfriend are intending to move to London when we graduate, so I'm planning on getting a job as a graduate software developer or some...
  29. L

    Imperial QFFF vs Cambridge (Mast) Physics?

    So I hold an offer from Imperial, under the event that Cambridge also gives me an offer I am really unsure of which to go for. Could anyone tell me which is considered to be the harder course? I'm fine with studying module based content and then passing exams specifically on that content, but...
  30. A

    Schools Choosing PhD in US after a QFFF master at Imperial College or?

    Dear everyone, I have a question about career future and I am deeply worrying about it. I am currently a master student in QFFF program at Imperial College. I will graduate soon but haven't get any Ph.D. offer (I applied a couple of places in Europe, some does not reply, some rejected me...
  31. B

    Weight vs Mass On Moon and Mars Imperial Units

    Homework Statement Moon's gravity is 5.31ft/sec^2 An object has the weight of 3.5 lb-f on the moon. What is its lb-m What is the lb-m and lb-f on Mars with gravity of 12.1 ft/sec^2. Homework Equations w=mg=mg/gc gc= gravitational constant----> 32lbm*ft/sec^2 for earth The...
  32. A

    Deciding Between ETH & Imperial: Seeking Advice from PF Members

    Hi fellow PF members, I am an undergrad physics student in the last year of my degree. This year has been pretty sh**** as I have been rejected from 17/17 US universities that I had applied to for a PhD program. As a good and organized scientist though I had a backup plan. As I didn't really...
  33. J

    Psychrometrics - SI and Imperial Enthelpies do not Convert?

    Hello, I am fairly new to using psychrometrics, so I am hoping that this is a fairly simple solution. I was going back through some old problems and wanted to spot check a few calculations. In the process I converted the units on one of the problems and the enthalpies were not matching up. I...
  34. V

    Imperial measurements just feel better

    Metric holds an advantage in simplicity, but imperial seems to have better unit amounts. For instance, temperature. I cannot think in celcius. 60's weather is 15-20 celcius. 70's is 20-26 celcius. 80's weather is 27-34 celcius. Lengths: a mile is a significant accomplishment for human...
  35. V

    Schools Physics - Imperial College London vs Durham University

    So I really need some advice on whether to pick Imperial or Durham as my firm because I'm torn between the two. I really liked Durham and the collegiate system because it would probably be easier to make more friends this way. It also has a very good Physics department. I always read...
  36. D

    QFFF at Imperial: Is It Right for Me?

    Hi guys! I've got a few questions about the Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces MSc at Imperial. Here's my background: - Pure Mathematician at Oxford (MMATH) - Studied Theoretical Physics as a hobby for years - Wanting to Move into the field as a graduate - Self-Funding (through working in...
  37. B

    Schools Imperial College London Interviews?

    Halloz..I'm just wondering if anyone knows what type of questions..or what questions they have asked or likely to ask in their interviews? Anyone had any experiences? Thanks!
  38. OmCheeto

    Imperial Valley electrical power out.

    My sister lives in San Diego and posted on FB that much of the SW US is out of power. Have been snooping around for news for the last 10 minutes and ran across the following: During a level 9 earthquake, it kind of makes sense to shut down the reactors, but during a power outage? But...
  39. E

    Schools Imperial College physics MSc programs

    Entering my 4th year of physics at University of Toronto, the time has come to look at graduate school... I've just come across http://www3.imperial.ac.uk/theoreticalphysics/postgraduatestudy/mastersdegree", at Imperial College London, titled "MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces". Its...
  40. N

    Schools Imperial College or Cambridge?

    Hello everyone... After applying to the Universities and passing their interviews, I've been accepted to study at Imperial College and Cambridge. The subjects are nuclear engineering and nuclear energy. Now I'm trying to decide between the two and thought maybe I could get some of your...
  41. P

    Imperial Comprehensive Paper 1 Q8 2004 - Last Part

    I've attached the paper in Q, please see Q 8. Not sure what to do. Also confused about the fact it says 'calculate', when it depends on p and delta, so I don't see why I should get a numerical value. I don't know how to get an expression for N here, apart from a really messy and horrible...
  42. U

    Reapply to Oxford, or just go to Imperial?

    Hello guys recently I've applied to Oxford and Imperial for physics and physics with theoretical physics respectively, each a 4-year course leading to a Master's degree. Of course, things would be perfect (if not i wouldn't be asking for opinions here) if both accepted me, but Oxford rejected me...
  43. C

    Schools Imperial College London or University of Waterloo?

    Hi, I am an IB student in Norway, and I want to go abroad to study mathematics next year. A few months ago I applied to a few British universities and got an offer from Imperial College London to do Mathematics and Computer Science next year, provided I get a 7 in higher level Math and...
  44. S

    How to calculate density from specific weight in imperial units

    Homework Statement alright so i have to find the density of a clay unit. I am given a specific weight of the clay as 120 b/ft^3, the gravity constant as 32.17 ft/s^2. i need to find the density of the clay, i have no problem arranging the equation below to solve for density but I am not used...
  45. A

    Are Metric and Imperial Bolts Interchangeable?

    Hi guys, i want to ask about bolts, the metric and imperial bolts, are they the same but just one of them is in inches while the other one is in mm? What would a 1/4 inch bolt be equivalent to, a M6? Thanks!
  46. G

    Most Colonial Deaths 1492-1914: USA vs European Empires

    Which empire's imperial expansion resulted in the most colonial deaths between 1492-1914? The USA is often shown to be uniquely "evil" because of the extermination of the Indians, and African slavery. A fair estimate would be 2 million Indians and .5 million African dead. So I'm curious to know...
  47. C

    Problems understanding imperial hole sizes

    We need to manufacture a structural component, but we do not understand the imperial hole dimensions given on the drawing:(we went metric in South Africa in the 1960's) 5/8"x29/16"-1/8" We think it may describe the bolt and not the hole, but are unsure what it means. Can anybody help?
  48. hananeel

    Schools MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces at Imperial College London

    I'm an Electronic and communication Engineer, and I'm living in the Caribbean, and i want to study MSc in Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces Imperial College London, since in its description seems very likely what I'm looking for, which is,... I'm looking a course that can place me in...
  49. E

    Imperial College London - Nuclear Engineering

    I recently saw that Imperial College London is starting to offer 3 new courses from 2010 between 3 departments: Mechanical Engineering with Nuclear Engineering Chemical Engineering with Nuclear Engineering Materials with Nuclear Engineering...
  50. T

    Diameter of imperial machine screws

    Dear Forum, I am currently trying to buy some imperial machine screws and bolts online, and I am confused with how the diameter is given. The website I am seaching (boltdepot.com) gives me these diameters but I don´t understand what is meant by i.e. "2-56" 2-56 4-40 6-32 8-32...