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Important classes for an applied math major?

  1. Jun 5, 2012 #1
    Good afternoon! I will begin taking upper division mathematics in the fall, and I definitely wish to obtain a Master's right after undergrad, and as for PhD, I'm a bit iffy if I want one (I'll save that for another post in a couple years ^.^) Anyway, I have 4 electives where I get to choose what I want to take in addition to the required classes, but I'm not too sure what classes are valuable to an applied mathematician. I'm not super interested in finance related jobs (maybe being an actuary...maybe), so keep that in mind when helping me pick. Here's what I am required to take:

    Linear Algebra (Proof Based)
    Analysis Part II OR Complex analysis (I'm leaning towards complex at the moment)
    Mathematical Modeling
    And two of the following sequences (though, I plan on taking all 3 of the sequences, so that leaves only 2 electives):
    Probability Theory AB
    Applied Numerical Methods (numerical analysis) AB
    Differential Equations (Linear/Non Linear Systems and ODEs)

    And here are courses I am interested in for electives (I also have to take another 3 or so since my school requires 60 upper division units to graduate, and the major is only about 48):

    Mathematical Cryptology
    Partial Differential Equations (will probably take this)
    Differential Geometry (has a part A and a part B)
    Stochastic Process
    Algebra (ABC three course sequence)
    Intro to Topology
    Fourier Analysis
    Theory of Numbers
    Mathematics of Computer Graphics

    Thanks for your time and input. If anything needs clarifying, just ask me.
    I only have 2 posts at the moment, so I'm not allowed to link to all the course descriptions.
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    If I were you, I would certainly take Fourier analysis. It's an extremely interesting class and very useful in applied mathematics.
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    Hey Zaculus and welcome to the forums.

    My recommendations including Fourier Analysis, Optimization, PDE's, and Stochastic Processes.

    Optimization IMO, is a critical subject for applied mathematics across the board (including for statistics) and is required in every application.
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    I would say the "core" 3 electives were PDEs, fourier, and optimization.

    cryotology + number theory or algorithms + computer graphics are (fairly obviously) for specalists in those fields, so either you need to take them them or you don't. The same goes for the others IMO, though the relevant specialisms might not be so obvious.
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