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In search of Julia Sets and ChaosPro Training

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    Hello everyone. I am looking for some free software to produce a Julia Set that would allow me to enter the equation. I would prefer it to be downloadable software, but if a web applications all there is that will do. It's preferable that a color scheme can be chosen, or at least used. Also, I have just recently downloaded ChaosPro, and I was wondering if any of you people have any good links or info on how to use it and master it. I'm pretty much new to math software in general. Thanks alot for reading this.
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    You really must visit such web sites as Fractal Forum. There are a great deal of folks who really go bonkers over this. Throughout the internet they've really produced some amazing things.
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    Thank you, I shall extend my search there as well :)
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    I've just been informed that referencing a web site is "illegal advertising spam", or something like that. Anyway there are perhaps dozens of fractal web its.
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