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News India successfully test fires 5000km range missile Agni - V

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    There is some confusion here in India in the media as to what is meant by ICBM and whether a missile with a range of 5000 km should be counted as ICBM.

    Well , it seems to be a great achievement for India technologically . But sad to know that we live in a world where developing countries such as India have to spend so much money on weapons when there are so many problems facing the country such as economic disparity , poverty , hunger and corruption.
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    Wouldn't get to Australia, but it would get to Nairobi, Kenya or Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    IRBM would probably be more appropriate.
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    How does one relate to the other? There is poverty, hunger, corruption, and economic disparity in every country and there always will be. Every country capable of sending satellites up and probes to other planets have those problems and you can't trade, for example, a space program for an end to any of those issues.
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    oh wait..did I miss d sarcasm?
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    Chennai to Darwin 6258.74 km / 3889 sta miles
    Chennai to Perth 6278.05 km / 3901 sta miles /

    Madurai to Darwin 6280.9 km / 3902 sta miles / 3389.2 naut miles
    Madurai to Perth 6062.8 km / 3768 sta miles / 3271.5 naut miles

    Distance between Mukundarayar Chathiram (about 182 km / 113 miles SE from Madurai) to Exmouth, W.Aus ~ 3200 estimated

    From distance calculator using lat/long (9.226827 N ,79.368668 E to 21.922663 S,114.082031 E)
    Distance = 5128 km, 3186 sta miles, 2769 naut miles

    Still short.

    I was going on the reported range of 5000 km. The question then is whether the 5000 km range is a min or max range. At 6000 km, that's then possible.

    Now there may be some islands off the coast that are a bit closer.

    Now if one launches from a submarine, that certainly changes the equation, since then one can launch fairly close to most coastlines.
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    Re: India successfully test fires 5000 km range missile Agni - V

    True, those issues will always remain. I was looking at it from the wrong perspective.

    Anyways there is a lot of confusion over the status of actual military deployment of the missiles. Some sources say that the missiles will be available to the army by end of 2014 and some say that it would be operational only by the end of the decade. :confused:

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    What is a "canisterised missile/launch package"?

    Nothing in the wiki or the cited articles articulate that, but it's a phrase used throughout.
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    most likely a MIRV or something similar
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    It means the system is in a can... it comes with its own launch platform. Easy to deploy by truck, ship or whatever. Can't blow up the launch pad to prevent it's deployment.
    Here is a smaller Patriot canistered missle system.
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    It is because of D.R.D.O. proud for every indian that we hve such type of institute
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    Chinese experts have speculated that it has a range of 8000kms.
    Though I wouldn't want to see the missile used against any nation, I guess Australia is just in range. The actual range seems to be a suspense though!
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    Of course it is. If Pakistan isn't in range, seeing how it's a bordering nation, then India would be incapable of hitting anybody with this missile
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