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Inductance between a polyurethane surface

  1. Jul 9, 2012 #1
    I am interested in creating an electric circuit that travels through a polyurethane surface. My plan is to set up two electrodes separated by the dielectric material.

    My question to the wisdom of the internet is how much current will be lost through the polyurethane surface. I am looking for both a qualitative and a quantitative for me to fully understand.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Polyeurathane is an insulator? Your description suits a capacitor more than an inductor. Why not set it up and measure it?

    If it conducts at all - no current will be lost through the surface.
    The rate that charge enters one side is the same (steady state) as the rate that charge leaves the other side. It may lose energy on the way through though.
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    Indeed. Some types are used as potting/conformal coating compounds to add mechanical stability and improve physical shock resistance of electronic circuits.
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    You will be hard pressed to make a circuit small enough to 'travel through' any solid.

    no current will be 'lost'. [If it 'goes missing', you can find it.]
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