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Inductance coil with water pipe

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    If I place a pipe filled with WATER inside of a coil and then half filled pipe of same material, does the inducatnec change? Will the change be able to be observed using multimeter? any ideas?
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    Please don't double-post. The version of this in Electrical Engineering is probably more appropriate than this one.
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    Thanks Danger. Warning and infraction points have been issued for multiple duplicate posts by shelly.

    Shellysharma, please do not multiple post questions in different PF forums -- that is not permitted. You are new to our PF forums, so you are being treated gently for now. The PF is a high-quality forum where you can get great help, as long as you abide by the rules that you agreed to when you signed up.

    I've deleted your duplicate posts, and left this one in the EE forum, which Danger correctly identified as the best forum forum for your question (unless it is a homework question, in which case it belongs in one of the PF Homework Help forums).

    And on these types of questions, the PF requires that you show some of your own work and thoughts. So what can you tell us about what core characteristics affect the inductance? What is mu? What is the mu of water?
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