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Industry internships for physics undergrads?

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    I am currently working in the nuclear physics group at my university. I am thinking that next summer I would like to work in industry at some sort of corporation, probably in the San Francisco Bay Area or near Sacramento in California. I am wondering if I am deluded and only engineering students can get these sorts of internships, or if physics students can in fact get jobs like these. I am seriously thinking of trying to go into industry after getting my B.S. and think this may be helpful in my decision process.

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    Anyone have any ideas?
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    the DOE's SULI program offers internships thru SLAC and Lawrence Berkeley labs... also, NASA probably offers some program or another at Moffet Field (near San Jose). Those are the only two I can think of off the top of my head, but both would, i imagine, be valuable to prospetive employers after graduation...

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