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Infinitely stretchable elastic band

  1. Jan 31, 2014 #1
    Imagine an infinitely stretchable elastic band where one end is attached to a vertical wall and the other on a horse, as shown in figure. On the elastic band, very close to the wall, there is a snail. If we assume that the initial length of the band is L, and the horse and snail start moving with constant rapideces v y u (v > u), respectively, how long time the snail reached the horse?
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    Is this a brain teaser or for schoolwork? It doesn't really fit in the Classical Physics forum.
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    The problem refered by AlephZero is simliar but is purely mathematical.
    I propuse a physic brain teaser.
    In this case we can say the snail's movement respect to the earth result of composition of movements: their own movement respect of the elastic band and the movement of the point of the elastic band on which is located
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