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Information about High Frequency Dielectrics

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    I have a project about High Frequency Dielectrics and I am searching everywhere but nothing found.
    Please I need your help to find some information that would help me in my project.
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    What are you searching for?
    Dielectric characteristics at high frequency,
    Breakdown voltage,
    Capacitor life,
    Materials with high dielectric constant,
    Materials with low dielectric constant,
    or ?????
    “Robert A. Pease” wrote a book "Troubleshooting Analog Circuits" that discusses capacitor dielectrics. This book is probably a good place to start.
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    Any good EM book should have topics on dielectrics. Look at the frequency dependence of conductance. I only studied undergrad EM books where it mainly deal with homogeneous and isotropic dielectrics. In EE, we mostly deal with homogeneous and isotropic dielectric. This can get really complicated if you deal with non isotropic materials.
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    Thanks for your replies, I need everything about High Frequency Dielectrics, some general information, I need some useful links that can help to do my project, my project will be about 20 pages.

    Thanks again
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    Hiilal, are you building some equipment or writing a paper on High Frequency Dielectrics?
    If you are building equipment, what type of equipment are you building and what is the frequency.
    Teflon is one of the best high frequency dielectrics availiable.
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    My question also. When considering the "optical" index of refraction of a material, the frequency dependent dielectric constant is involved. Hence the materials relative permittivity must be considered.
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    Just writing papers, no equipments required! I still don't know anything about the project
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    For some practical information on capacitors, Google "Bob Pease" capacitors.
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    Are you familiar with EM? If not, would that be hard to write this paper?
    Another place you might find application notes is company called Roger. They located in Chandler Az last I know. They are famous for producing RF cladding material that is used for making pcb. They have all different kinds of dielectric materials and they publish their characteristics. Go to their website and read up those materials. From what I remember, they are more written in English than those EM books or the links I posted.
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