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Initial Velocity of a Soccer Ball

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    I am trying to find the initial velocity of a soccer ball ,
    but I found this equation and do not understand how it came about:

    [PLAIN]http://superforbrain.com/files/vBall.PNG [Broken]

    This is supposed to give you the velocity of the ball right after its kicked, using the mass of your leg, velocity of your leg, and the coefficient of restitution [e].

    Any help appreciated!

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    Looks like a really cool equation. Yes, it would be the initial velocity of the soccer ball.
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    The variable in velocity that isn’t described is the static friction and elastic potential energy of the two masses. What Joules are lost from the elastic properties of the ball and the direction this force is impacted. If the force is directed up, the acting force would be gravity 9.8 divide by 90=each degree 0.10 m\sec^2. So each degree your ball is incrementally accelerated towards would affect the impacted velocity by 0.10m\sec^2.TM
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