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Insight replies/comments messed up

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    On this insights page, the replies/comments are getting a bit messed up. Is it possible to have a similar preview facility as in normal threads? And maybe an edit function?
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    You mean the latex? Or something else?
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    The url in my post #1 was wrong. I just fixed it (I hope).

    I suspect that if you do a test reply, trying to quote one of the earlier replies, my problem will become obvious. Otherwise, it might just be me again...:oldfrown:

    In any case, I don't see a button to edit a reply.
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    You can edit in the comment thread
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    I suspect we're talking at crossed purposes. By "comment thread", I presume you mean this normal thread. But I was talking about the "replies" on the insights page itself.

    Also, I don't see an obvious link from the insights page to the comment thread. Is such a link meant to exist?
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    That's something I would like.
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    Most have one but I can't make them while traveling
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