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"Thread Locked. Not Open for further comments."
... would be a nicer, but still informative, way than the current:

You have insufficient privileges to reply here.

Which comes across more as "Shut up plebe! You have nothing to say here!"
(Even though they latter may be true!)

EDIT: OK, I'll go with @DrClaude (below) with "Closed" rather than "Locked."
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I would even use "closed" instead of "locked."
Just stock software phrasing. We can soften, but not a high priority.


Are you prioritizing by value, or by the value:effort ratio? That's a question, not an argument, especially because I'm not the one who'll have to do the work..... But it's easy for engineering types to underestimate the ROI on improving notifications.
value:effort ratio
Almost always this :smile: This is easy to change, but I also have 100 easy changes on my list and all the work done with PF5 this past 30 days has left me really behind in real life work obligations 😵😬😀

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