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Homework Help: Instantaneous Speed From Acceleration

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    1. What is the instantaneous speed of an object with acceleration 10 m/ssquared and the radius of the circle is 1.5 m. In addition, the angle between the acceleration and the tangential acceleration is 30 degrees. I've determined that the tangential acceleration is 5 m/ssquared and the radial acceleration is 8.66 m/ssquared but i have no idea how to get to instantaneous speed. How do i get instantaneous speed?
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    Is the object moving in a circular motion? I am confused to the initial conditions
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    the question is more how do i convert acceleration into instantaneous speed. I have what i need, i'm sure of it, i just can't figure out how to convert it.
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    myes, Ac=Vt/t so find the time for 1 revolution (in what ever units you need) and multiply by the Ac if instantaneous speed is comparable to tangential velocity. Which im 99% sure it is.
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