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Integrate the following equation f=exp(m*x) dx where x =[x1 , x2]

  1. Sep 23, 2010 #1

    I am trying to integrate the following equation

    f=exp(m*x) dx

    where x =[x1 , x2] is a vector of variable could you help me please to find the solution when I would like to integrate like this kind of equations.

    help appreciated

    Best Regards
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    Re: integration

    So you want to find
    [tex]\int e^{m \vec x} \, \mathrm d\vec x[/tex]

    Can you first explain what that notation means?
    Usually [itex]\mathrm d\vec x = dx_1 \, \mathrm dx_2[/itex] but what is [itex]e^{m \vec x}[/itex] in this case?

    (If everything is properly defined, you'd expect something like [itex]m e^{m \vec x}[/itex] of course)
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    Re: integration

    the x=[x1 x2] is array of variables where x1 and x2 are complex and m is
    a constant. so my question how could I integrate the function over an array dx and should I have one or two complex integral ,I think so two may be because we have two variable in the array

    thanks for the help
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    Re: integration

    Yes, we understood that. CompuChip's question was "what does [itex]e^{m[x1, x2]}[/itex] mean?" How are you defining e to a vector power? In order for the integral to make sense, e to a vector power, here, must be a vector. Can you give more context for the problem.

    (And you would expect something like [itex]e^{m\vec{x}}[/itex] divided by m, not multiplied by m.)
  6. Sep 24, 2010 #5
    Re: integration

    well i guess the question should be moved to the right forum
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