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Integration and taylor expansion

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    can anybody help me with this integration?

    Integral of e to the -2x times x squared dx

    it expands to 1/4, but I'm not sure how to start.
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    Hey casanova, welcome to PF!

    You don't really need a Taylor expansion here, how about trying a substitution?
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    I have tried substitution

    I've already tried substitution.


    i've tried u = e ^ -2x

    I've also tried u = x squared.

    it doesn't work!!!!

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    Integrate by parts and it works.
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    start me off

    with what do I start?
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    you start by integrating

    [tex]\int xe^{-2x}dx[/tex]

    by parts.
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    You integrate by parts. Start with x squared. You get

    u = x^2
    du = 2x dx

    dv = e^-2x dx
    v = -1/2 e^-2x

    Give it a shot from there.
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    i get it now....just needed a refresher....thanks a lot!
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