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Interaction of Radiation with Matter

  1. Jun 16, 2009 #1
    I would like to understand more about refraction phenomenum from the point of view of interaction of photons with matter. I know that refraction phenomenum can be explained by change of speed of light when it passes through a transparent material medium. We are accustomed to study interaction of photons with matter, just showing examples with x-rays and gamma-rays, that are electromagnetic waves of high energy, from the processes of scattering. Would be interesting to treat the refraction phenomenum based on the processes of interaction of photons with matter.
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    hi, there's something called bragg equations. It might be a good place to start.
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    Chapter 7 of Jackson "Classical Electrodynamics" 2nd Ed. covers propagation of plane waves in nonconducting media using Maxwell's equations, and in Sec, 7.3 identifies n (index of refraction) as sqrt(ε) (dielectric constant). He also derives Snell's law. He also shows in Eq 7.3 that v=c/sqrt(ε). So basically, radiation interacts with the dielectric constant to slow the plane wave down.

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    Thanks for everything!
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