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Interconnections Of Ideal Sources

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    Hey There,

    Can anyone help me and maybe can tell when interconnections of ideal dependent or independent ideal sources are valid? I need it please and if anyone got any link, i will be very thankfull,

    thank you
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    Well, what differentiates an ideal source from a real source? I can think of at least 3 things. What are they? And given those 3 things, what can you say about a simplistic interconnection of ideal sources versus using real sources? Think about what you do in a SPICE simulation -- what do you add in addition to ideal sources to make the circuit simulation more real?
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    Ideal voltage sources can be freely connected in series, but they can be connected in parallel only if they are equal.
    Ideal current sources can be freely connected in parallel, but only equal sources can be connected in series.
    Of course, the parallel connection of equal voltage sources or the series connection of equal current sources is equivalent to only one source.
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