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Interest in astrology and physics

  1. Feb 18, 2010 #1
    im a high school student who just recently found out i have an interest in astrology and physics and such, im looking for a good website or something that can help me learn alot of what i want to know before i go into college.

    i know this dose not belong in here i just didnt know where to put it
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    Re: help

    much thanks it will help alot :)
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    Re: help

    the link can help but i need a link that will help explaine what the equations it shows me means iv never been good at math but i am always willing to learn.
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    Re: help

    At which stage are you in high school?

    The site linked, hyperphysics, covers physics material you'll cover at the end of high school and the beginning of univeristy. To get more advice, you'll need to be a little more specific on what you've covered thusfar: what subjects have you tackled in maths? Trigonometry? Calculus? Algebra?

    And physics, have you completed any courses in this so far? What have you looked at?

    Rather than trying to understand things like this just now, however, you might want to head to the book shop and pick yourself up some popular science books. There are lots around: head to the physics/maths section of the book shop and pick up popular science books that look interesting - they'll assist in developing your passion!

    Also, the point was made earlier but since you didn't respond to it :tongue:


    There's a big difference!

    Astronomy is science, astrology is not.
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    Re: help

    im a junior and iv only taken one physics class my freshmen year and algebra. does that help?

    iv also just been learning small peices here and there peices them together. make sense?
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