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Interested in majoring in Electrical Engineering -- Questions

  1. Jul 14, 2016 #1
    Hello, I am interested in majoring in electrical engineering. I enjoy learning about electricity and magnetism and I also wish to learn more about solar power. Throughout my life I have never taken any Calculus or anything above (just pretty much stayed in the Algebra realm). For me, concepts are not THAT hard to learn... however, the math does get me and I have to apply a lot more effort. It is easier though if I am able to apply the math in something that I am interested in.

    I was looking at the degree requirements for "Materials Science/Electrical Engineering Emphasis" and saw that I would have to take "Calculus with Analytic Geometry I". That being said, what are some good books or sources that I can learn the mathematics needed to major in an electrical engineering field. I would preferably not like to spend $100 on a school textbook until I actually have to take the class.

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    Take your pick here . Guidance here
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    You can find all sorts of intro calculus material for free on the internet.

    Paul's Online Math Notes gives a good intro to basic calculus and more advanced topics:


    You can find copies of older math texts at the Internet Archive:


    There's quite a lot of material there, so you'll get good at searching for what you want.
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