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Homework Help: Interesting physics experiment

  1. Jun 25, 2012 #1
    So I need to come up with an experiment to do a 3500-4000 word essay. The types of topics I'm interested in are satellites, planetary orbits, etc. I guess mainly classical physics.

    Some topic ideas I came up with are:
    1. At what height do you have to drop a marble so that it goes through a loop-the-loop. Unfortunately, my teacher said it was too simple and the physics we'll learn in grade 12.

    2. Another idea was, what force would be needed to knock an asteroid coming towards Earth out of orbit. Again, my teacher said it might be a bit simple.

    I need some topic suggestions or general comments on some fresh research areas.

    If it's useful, I've finished grade 11 and will be doing 12 physics when I write this essay.
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    What topics will you be doing in grade 12?
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    The grade 12 subjects are mechanics (kinematics, forces, work, energy, uniform circular motion), thermal physics, oscillations and waves, electric currents, forces and fields, atomic and nuclear physics, energy and power, motion in fields (projectile motion, gravitational field, potential and energy, electric field, orbital motion), wave phenomena (standing waves, Doppler effect, diffraction, resolution, polarization), electromagnetic induction, quantum physics and nuclear physics.

    Obviously, not all the subjects are applicable to do an feasible experiment on, example: nuclear physics.
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