Interesting Youtube videos on fixing nonworking engines

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I've recently viewed a bunch of YouTube videos by mustie1. Here's one, in which he repairs an old generator that hasn't run for years --
In other videos that I've seen, he takes mopeds, motorcycles, and a variety of things with small engines, and gets them running, even some with frozen engines. He goes through the basics, checking that there is spark, fuel, and compression. I'm amazed that he can start with an engine that's completely locked up, and wind up with something that runs pretty well. Of course, maybe he's unsuccessful sometimes, and doesn't post those experiments.

He gives a running commentary while he's working on the engines, and takes pains to get the camera angle so the viewer can see what he's doing.
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That's a great video. It's got a simple format with great camera placement and some great commentary about whats going on and how he does his analysis.

Getting that motor started reminded me of why I hated gas powered lawn mowers. It would always happen that when I was in a hurry to get the lawn done the motor wouldn't start and then I had to pull the plug to clean it and try again. I always wind up with a sore arm.

My solution was to buy a corded electric mower and learn how to navigate cutting the grass, avoiding obstacles and not cutting or getting entangled with the cord.

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