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International prospects for jobs as a physicist- Europe

  1. Jul 2, 2013 #1
    I really want to know how the prospects for having a job in Europe are at this moment. If anybody knows about some info about England I'd be glad. Is having the equivalent of a master from a well known russian university enough for having a decent job in europe or anywhere else?
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    Your question is too broad. What kind of job? A job doing physics or science of any sort? If that's the case, then pretty difficult. There are not many opportunities at the BS grad level in physics or the physical sciences, you're pretty much limited to the few opportunities advertised now and then by research institutes and universities, generally during the summer. Application season for this is now over I'm afraid. I have applied for every one of these I was able to find in the past 3 months in the EU myself.

    If by job you meant "everything else", like consulting or generic programming/IT jobs, I don't have much to say other than it will definitely be very hard without contacts that can get you hired in the country you are looking at (no surprise there). Cannot really help you there, I wish I knew some clear ways to get a job as a physics grad myself.

    As a MS grad you might fare better in general, but again you haven't said what you would like to work as, so figure that out first then find out what the requirements are and how you can meet them. If you have some serious experimental experience that you can prove, such as TEM operation or other microscopy, misc. optics and electronics, look for tech companies most immediately related to what you have done but don't hold your breath.

    If you did mostly theory then perhaps aim for financial institutions, banks, consulting agencies, but I cannot vouch at all for this. Probably extremely difficult especially in this economic climate, and with the abundance of specifically-trained people for these jobs who are already there and can get a plug. Right now, the UK is pretty tough to get a suitable job as a physics grad unless you're fresh out of college in a target school which banks and similar go to find employees.
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