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Internet-based, on-line tutoring services: Opinions

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    What do many of physicsforums members think about the on-line tutoring service companies? Good, bad, not legitimate, reliable, unreliable, honest, risky for tutor or for student?...? Anyone here had any experience with them either as tutor or as student?
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    Ninety-nine times out of a hundred, you'd be better off just talking to your teacher and getting additional help. And it'll be free. And it'll be honest.

    From what I've seen, the paid "tutoring" sites really have nothing to do with the student learning anything at all. The student just pays someone to do his/her homework, doesn't learn anything, breaks the school honor code, and subjects him/herself to the possibility of being expelled.

    There really are no short-cuts in education: you need to do your own work, getting help from legitimate sources endorsed by the professor as necessary.

    - Warren
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