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Job Skills Internship Interview tomorrow with Boeing, any tips/words of advice?

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    Hi all,

    Well I lucked out and am getting a phone interview with Boeing tomorrow for a Manufacturing Engineering internship. I have researched their interview format and apparently they do a behavioral interview using the STAR method. Has anyone ever been through one of these? I found some information that says it would be best to go ahead and prepare a few situations along the lines of leadership/Work ethic/Diversity, so I will go ahead and do that.

    If anyone else would like to spare some advice that would be great, Thanks!
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    A few quick and easy ones:

    1) have a pad and pencil ready.
    2) have a copy of your resume
    3) never do a phone interview over a cell or coreless phone. You want a land line with a speaker phone
    4) if it helps, there isn't anything wrong with having a set of notecards with talking points that you want to emphasize
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    Thanks twofish! Just finished, and it went great! Unfortunately I didn't have access to a land line but it didn't seem to hold me up. Thanks again,
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