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Interpolation help fitting curve to three points

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    I have the following points that need to be fitted with a curve:

    I'm wondering how to use the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lagrange_polynomial to do this.

    If possible, can these points be fitted with a cubic function?

    I tried to fit a cubic to this, but for me it's a game of guess and check which won't give me anything efficiently.
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    There are infinitely many cubic polynomial equations that will go through three points, but only one quadratic (i.e. parabola). You can use example 3 as a guide in the link you provided, or write out three quadratic equations by substituting the values you have for x and y. In the end you'll have 3 equations with 3 unknowns (i.e. the coefficients of the parabola) that can be solved using substitution.
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    And the Lagrange polynomial formula gives that quadratic, not a cubic.

    The given points are (1,20), (2,4), and (5,3).
    [tex]20\frac{(x- 2)(x- 5)}{(1- 2)(1- 3)}+ 4\frac{(x- 1)(x- 5)}{(2- 1)(2- 5)}+ 3\frac{(x- 1)(x- 2)}{(5- 1)(5- 2)}[/tex]
    [tex]= 20\frac{(x- 2)(x- 5)}{2}+ 4\frac{(x-1)(x-5)}{-3}+ 3\frac{(x-1)(x-2)}{12}[/tex]
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    Hallsofivy, i think there's a mistake.. the bold one..


    it is 5, not 3 right?
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